Tuesday, 21 October 2014

[Bake] Oreo Truffles and Nougat Truffles Recipe (in english) :)

 So, I've decided to write the recipe in English as well! If you want the recipe in NorwegianGO HERE!

  • 48 Oreo cookies*
  • 200-300g Original Philadelphia Cheese  
  • 400g chocolate**

* If you got some left overs, you can use it as decorations on your truffles, or you can save it for some ice cram or yughurt.
** You can choose what chocolate you want. I used dark chocolate and decorated with light chocolate. 

How to make: 
1. Put the Oreo cookies in a bag and crush them. If you got a machine to do it, that would be great, just remember not to crush it too much. If there is any big peaces, don't worry about it.
2. Put the cookies in a bowl and add the Philadelphia cheese. Remember not to take all of it a the same time, just add little by little. It should be looking like a sticky dough. 
3. Let it in the fridge over the night or in the freezer till it's cold enough to work with. You hands are warm, so because of the Philadelphia cheese, it would be easier to work with if the mixture is cold.
4. When it's ready, take a spoon and add some of it into your hand. The spoon will measurement so every ball become equal. Work very fast to make it into a ball and place it on a plate or whatever you will. Like I said, it will be sticky so just remember to wash your hands often in cold water.  
5. Again, put it into the fridge over night or in the freezer for some minutes. Just remember, it's not going to be frozen! 
6.  Melt the chocolate.* If you choose to melt it over hot steam from a water bath or in the microwave, that's up to you. I used the hot steam.
7.  Take one of the balls you have made and put it into the chocolate. Do this very fast:Take a fork under it, lift it up and tab a little bit, so the chocolate that is left over drip off and back into the bowl. Use the tip of a knife to push it off the fork and onto a baking paper.***
8. If you got some left overs, decorate the truffles with Oreo cookies, if not, you can decorate them with whatever you want. Place them into the fridge for 1-2 hours. If you want to decorate them with chocolate like I did, take them out of the fridge after the chocolate have hardened.

* First melt 200g. If it's not enough chocolate add 100g. If it's still not enough, add the last one. Maybe you think it's enough with just 300g. 
** When you are melting the chocolate over hot steam, just remember to NOT get water into the chocolate. If you melt it in the microwave, just behave not to warm it too long, and stir in the chocolate regularly so it doesn't get burned. 
***Try to get so much underneath the as possible, so the knife wouldn't make any marks into the chocolate. 

 NB: Let it stay cold until serving it.   

  • 100 Nougat*
  • 200g chocolate**

*You can either make Nougat or you can buy it. Where to buy it, depends on where you live. I bough it at Coop Hypermarked
**How much Nougat and chocolate, depends on how much you are going to make. You can also double this if you want to. 

How to make:
1. Let the Nougat stay in the fridge over night or in the freezer for some minutes. The Nougat is easier to cut into peaces when it's cold and hard, and not soft. 
2. Cut the Nougat into peaces. If you want them big or small, it's up to you. Just remember that the Nougat is melting fast!
3. Put them into the freezer, while you are melting the chocolate. This way the Nougat will get hard.
4. After you are done melting the chocolate, put one peace of Nougat into the chocolate and do the "Fork-tips" I used on the Oreo truffles. Do this quickly, because the Nougat is melting!
5. Place them on a bakingpaper, decorate them if you want, and put them into the fridge for 1-2 hours.
6. When they have stayed in the fridge for some time, can you decorate them with smelted white chocolate, if you want to. 

 NB: Let it stay cold until serving it.  

If you are baking them both at the same time, then you only need 400-500g chocolate! I used two dark chocolate plate, two light chocolate plate and one white chocolate plate.  

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