Sunday, 31 October 2010

[Games] Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas, a very fun game. You think it would be much blood since it's a ninja game, but no. They turn the people you kill into animals, that's soo cute. The point in this game is that you're going to save your friends. I really liked this game, even if it's only a demo, maybe I should buy it?

Rate: 10/10!

[Games] Little Big Planet

Now have I tried Little Big Planet (Demo), and I think it was okay. It wasn't like "ooh let play more" or "ooh I got to buy this", and it wasn't like "oh, this sucks". I think it was a okay game, a game I could play if I was bored or something, not more than that. It was a bit comfusing on the camera etc, but it went well in the end, haha. 

Well, well, I'll rate it: 6/10! 

[Games] Fat princess

Fat princess is about saving the princess from the enemies and get you're own princess home. I've only played the demo, and on the demo you play online with people around the world. 

The first thing you need to do, is to read about how everything works. (They don't allow you to play the game if you haven't read it.) Then you start playing the game! When the game is over, it's the same as in Cod Modern warfare 2, you can vote on which map you want to play, and you can switch team.

Fun game, for the big and the young. 

I rate it: 9/10!

[Games] Hamsterball

A little fun game for the children. You're playing a hamster in a ball, and you're going to race befor the time's up. Fun little game if you're bored.

Rate it: 7/10

Saturday, 30 October 2010

[Games] Genji

Genji, I thought it would be a fun game, since it's games like this I like, but after playing the demo... It sucks. You can't take much damage befor you die, so you have to be very good from the beginning of or very easy to learn stuff. And the camera is spid, you can't choose how you want it.. BUT the music is good!

I rate it: 4/10

[Games] Aqua Panic!

Now have I tried Aqua Panic (Demo). I thought it would be more fun, not noo, it was not so fun, just a bit. Well, well, not more to say. The song is funny...

Rate it: 6/10

[Games] Blade Kitten

I have just tried Blade kitten demo, and it was fun even if it only was in 2D. You couldn't move so much, like you were used to, but after some minutes wansn't it any problems. Fun game!

Rate it: 8/10

[Anime] Different anime pictures, cute, fun, nice.. etc !