Wednesday, 27 February 2013

[Game] New video on youtube: Dota First time Gyrocopter

Long story short; I had a funny match with some friends against friends, just for fun, for many months ago, and it so I decided to record it and edit it. Sadly I forgot about it and found it yesterday, so I continued on edit it. But honestly, in the end I managed to fuck it up a bit, and I got tired of edit it, so I just made it "okey" and uploaded it. It took me 1 day aka 5 hours. 

Anyways, here is the video: 

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[Game] Romantic room in Minecraft (PRIVATE) server !

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[Game] Minecraft Pictures

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[Game] Pictures from my (PRIVATE) Minecraft Sever

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

GIVEAWAY: I give YOU Dota2 keys free! :)

Well, since I've just reached 100 000 viewers, I thought I had to be nice, and since I got a lot of keys for Dota 2, I thought I could give away keys for does who wants one :)

So all you have to do is going into this link Contact Info and contact me!

NB: Limited of keys, i don't have 100 000 keys, even if I've just reach 100 k viewers ;p

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[Blog] Thanks for 100 000 viewers! :)

Yea, that is right. My blog just reached 100k viewers. 
Thank you all! :)

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

[Life] Had a dota 2 dream about me and synderen, lol hahaha

well i was starting to talk to synderen, and then i was playing with synderen in dota i think, and i was playing wr, and i was actually pretty good, more than irl u know haha.. was playing in same lane as him.. and ehm.. but this time twitter was connected to dota, so u used ur twittername instead of stream... and ehm.. later i found out his name was Simon and he called himself synderen on twitter, and synderen had sued twitter for letting him use his name on twitter.. hahaha xD

TMDR: I played with a guy that said he was Synderen, Synderen sued twitter for letting him use his name like that.

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