Monday, 27 July 2009

Who am I?

Who am I?

I have been wondering about myself for a half year, who really am I? I’ve asked my friends, but they only describes me as a kind, cute little girl that cares more about my friends and them I love, than myself. Some of them describe me as an Angel.

Okey, that was nice to hear. But who am I? How did I became this kind, cute little girl? And why do people call me an angel?

I went to my smartest friend (like I always do) and asked him “Who am I?”. He explained that I am the person I have choosen to be, because it depends on how you live, how it was then you grow up, chooses you have made, which friends you had etc.

So that means that I’m a kind, cute little girl, I care more another others then me. I’m acting more like a boy then a girl, since I grown up with 3 boys around me. That’s (maybe) the reason why I got more boys interests like fast things like car and snow scooter, also wrestling and some other things. (Also girl. I'm bi, so i like girls too)

But even if I grown up with boys around me, they weren’t here all the time, so I felt very lonely most of the time. (And there were many things that happen true my time, but I don’t want to tell my whole life story).

So that means that I’m also a very lonely girl.

People saying “go out and make friends” if you are lonely. Well, when you have lived for a long time (or some years) with not so many friend, maybe non, maybe a reason (like I got, but I don’t want to tell) it’s hard to just walk out the door and make friends. And special when you’re get older, and starts junior high or high school. You aren’t walking right to the person and ask “hi, do you want to be my friend?” that doesn’t work . And beside, maybe people have a reason, which makes it harder to get friends? Maybe something in the pass have made it like they hate something about making friends, or doesn’t believe in friendship, or their afraid of getting hurt? Or can’t trust them or too shy?

I don’t know... I got my problems, people got others. But that have nothing to do with who I am.. Sort of.. Okey, maybe a little... Hm... Aiai, sorry. More about me... Yes, I'm a freak, like half of the world (ha-ha). Anime and metal freak...mhm, great... I'm like to talk to people around the world, but not perverts... Yea, yea, nothing more I want to say. Ha-ha. I got many accounts on different pages, like tagged, MySpace, Crunchyroll, youtube, Animefreaks etc,etc...i guess around 20 different pages soon.. Ô.o

Okey, I'm going to shut up now....