Friday, 30 January 2015


Yea, for some days ago I realised that I used to sing while been home alone (like a lot), and since my son was sleeping I though "hi, why not sing some karaoke like I did before?". So, after some back and forwards I enjoyed some hours singing! Here are some of the scores, which I finds funny!
(Btw, doing this make me feel so good about myself, but I really, really feel bad for the neighbors, hehe) 


Within Temptation - Memories, is one song I used to sing a lot while working some years back. I was actually singing it almost daily. I figured they had it, so I just had to try it. The funny part is that this was my first time singing it karaoke AND I got the best scores of all the song I've been singing! Ha!


And it even got better!!  

Duals is something i find very funny. People who hosts the dual usually think they are going to win, or do it very well. But that's only until I join,haha. No, but seriously, This is fun and it makes me feel good about myself.  :)


Well, this was my day. How was yours? :)
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Thursday, 29 January 2015

[TIW] Ghost watching while showering

So, like I said earlier; I would start out with something new called "TIW" (Things I wonder), and I am not gonna say it's not gonna be stupid things, and I'm not gonna say it's gonna be smart things, but it's just questions that pops up in my mind during days.

Okey, so for some minutes ago I took a shower, and I saw a shadow. Or, at least I thought I saw a shadow. I do believe in the paranormal, due to experience from earlier in my life and in this apartment, and yes, I am afraid of been alone in the house sometimes.

But like I said; I was taking a shower and saw a shadow. Like I always do, I try to find a reasonable explanation for it, which in this case I just blamed it on the tv. (Like I always do.) But then the question pop into my heard; You know how some people feels that they are been watched in the shower, but there is nothing really there? What if there IS a ghost or a spirit watching you taking a shower?

But that wasn't actually the real question, my REAL question is; What if some ghost or spirits are watching kids in the shower, are they pedophiles then? 

Well, I hope you got an answer, because I don't.

Goodnight everybody!

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[Blog] Update on my blog; ny changes, new category

Okey, so yea, due to so much things happen in my life and so many questions that I have, I've decided to make something new on my blog (just to categorize all the subject). These are the ones I has for now on:

  • Baking, which is everything that as to do with baking to do.
  • Video, which is basically just videos of random things.
  • Blog, which as something to do with the blog
  • Game, which as something to do with games/videogames, including streaming!
  • Life, which is just random things happen in my life
  • Photo, which is about photos that I've taken.
  • Pictures, which is random pictures I want to show, either found on a webpage or something
  • Music, which says itself
  • Pet, which is everything that as to do with my cat, Lulu Mia. Which can also be in the category "photo", since I take pictures of her!
  • Interior, which is everything that as to do with interior to do.
  • School, is for school stuff
And for other stuff that doesn't have a category, that is just random stuff. 

Now, I've been thinking about starting something new called TIW, which stands for "Things I wonder". It's gonna be about things that I'm question myself and wondering about. 
I am considering, for actually a long time now, to start something I would call "TTA", "Things That annoys" (me) in my life. Just to get my frustration out. But we'll see how that will goes! 

Till next time, ta-ta!

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I found a new youtube channel which has good and easy recipes for all does yummy-stuff. Check it out! ^^

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[Game] Newest ep from my streaming!

Here's the newst videos from my stream, continuing playing "Craft the World". Don't forget to miss out the next stream, and always remember to follow me! ;)

You can also follow me at:
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

[Game] Streaming time!

Yesterday, I was streaming a little. Just two-three hours. I want to thank you all for joining me there, and thank you for the following! If you missed the stream, you can now watch it on YOUTUBE! 

Remember to follow me for knowing when i goes live, and watch the stream at:

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