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[Life] What we got for Christmas together!

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Here is some of the things me and my boyfriend have got in present together!

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[Life] Some of what I got for Christmas presents!

This is how the car was looking like when we were traveling home. Poor kitty, but lucky we didn't had to travel that far. 

Here is some of the stuff I got, that I really loved. I did not take picture of it all because it was so much. (Click on the pictures to get them bigger) 

Popcorn machine from my mother in law! Oh, how I've been asking my boyfriend all the time about it, but he said no. I love popcorn <3 p="">
Some lovely slippers that is easy to take on and off. 

A new phone from my parents. Goh, I love them so much!! I even got an Iron bar and a table to do it on!

A lovely light house with a cute door from sister in law. 

Some hobby things I got from a very good friend of me. 

Same present!

A lovely hat!

Gift cards. One to a pet shop the other one to a mall. 

Best sign ever!

Food plate that can stand the heat with a lid on + a cute kitchen towel! 

To decorate cakes, cupcakes, whatever!

Chocolate, even if I can't eat so much of it. 

Make up. I know, I don't use make up, but the colors was so cool!

Two iron bar. One big and one small. Perfect, since then I can use the big one for curtains and tablecloths and the small one to shirts and so on! 

So thanks to all of you for the wonderful presents I've got! And also thank you for does I didn't take picture of! 

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[Life] Some of what my boyfriend got for Christmas!

Here is some of the things my boyfriend got!

He got this from me. I just couldn't resist! 

A hammer to open a bottle of beer. Perfect for him!

A candle i gave him!

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[Life] To becoming a mother during Christmas

Imagine going around feeling totally fine, having some problems with the stomach but thinking it's just something you ate since your boyfriend is feeling unwell himself at the same time. 

Then imagine that your mother is suddenly asking you if you are pregnant, since she have been complaining half a year about you gaining weight but you think it's because of depression and other things. 

Imagine you taking a test Monday morning finding out that you are pregnant, and you feel that it's the worst time ever! 

I started to cry. I honestly started to cry. During the weekend before I had a conversation with my mother telling her I should at least wait till I was 25, had been together with my boyfriend for x many years, a good or a okay job and an apartment. I had nothing! 

I wasn't 25 years old, I was only 21. Me and my boyfriend have only been together since February this year, and we're living in a small apartment. I'm not working, I'm studying. I was scared.

My boyfriend comforted me, and I called the doctor. Too many emotions were running through my mind. My hormones was running back and forwards. I was scared, but also a little bit happy, but most scared.

When I got to the doctor, she confirmed it. I had a new breakdown, because I was scared. I've never been in this situation before, never read about it, and I didn't have a job or a big enough apartment. 

After telling my boyfriend and all our family members, things got a bit more easier. They were very supporting, and I felt that this was gonna go fine. I was finally relaxing. Things would go fine. 

This Christmas we got a lot of stuff in presents. 

I really got touched by this, from my boyfriends sister! 

Changing table that we can take with us everywhere! Lovely! 

Blanket and cover to have outside the blanket! 

Bib for our kid, that is easy to clean of. 

And a little pillow! 

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

[Life] What I've been doing through this December !

Many things have happen this month, so I'm not gonna tell it detailed about it. First of all, we bough at Nintendo64 for only 500 NOR KR! That is around 60 euros! Wii!! 

Then we were going on a trip with my boyfriends work, and eat dinner and drink and celebrate Christmas. My boyfriend bough me this earrings and necklace. I love it <3 nbsp="" p="">

The hotel room!

It's been snowing a bit too, and I was outside with Lulu Mia. You can read about it here: http://mylillecrazyworld.blogspot.no/2013/12/pet-lulu-mia-meets-snow-for-first-time.html

I've been cleaning and decorating for Christmas too. If you want to see more pictures, you can watch it here: http://mylillecrazyworld.blogspot.no/2013/12/interior-ive-this-week-been-decorating.html

I have also made muffins with chocolate inside, and gingerbreads and gingerbread house with my boyfriends mother and family. It was pretty funny, because me and my boyfriends sister decorated each side of the house without looking at each others side of the house. This is her side of the house. Sadly, before I got the chance to take a picture of my side the gingerbread house broke down.. 

Out little Christmas tree! 

And I've been outside walking some times. Sadly, not been taking that many pictures. 

I've almost won a lot of money.. 

And for making up the sad thingy, here is some funny pictures of my cat during December: http://mylillecrazyworld.blogspot.no/2013/12/pet-different-funny-pictures-of-my-cat.html

I've been a bit creative too. Here is one I made that I've been giving in Christmas presents to a friend! 

I've been making Chocolate and some other yummy Christmas cakes! Also, here is this years post about how I wrapped in my Christmas presents: http://mylillecrazyworld.blogspot.no/2013/12/interior-different-ways-ive-been.html

And we have been having a lot of lovely Christmas breakfasts ! ^^ 

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