Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Pictures from Parkenfestivalen, Norway, Bodø, 2010!

The pictures from "Parkenfestivalen" that you all have been waiting for. I were ther with 2 of my friend the first day, and the 2nd day I was there with the same friends + my boyfriend (because he wanted to see Gojira too) and then we met friends. Sorry for taking so long time, but I needed many hours on this, so I needed to find a day where I did have time. It took 3 hours to upload all this! Haha, enjoy!

Pictures from my camera, day 1.

From my friend's camera, day 1 and 2.

Pictures from An.no Day 1 and 2.


From my camera. Look at this old lady, standing right next to me when I watched Gojira by the scene.

Parkenfestivalen by AN.no

From Parkenfestivalen @ facebook!