Friday, 26 February 2010

Funny and cute pictures of cats!

Haha, look at his eyes!

Naw, look so cute it is!

Naw, I want a kitty like that!

A cat doing yoga! Haha!


A cat that don't understand.

Poor cat, its blind.

Haha, I think a boy want a cat like this!

I think this is a nerd-cat. Haha.



Funny toilet sign!

Haha, a funny sign!

[Pictures] Happy (dirty) valentines day!

Happy valentines day!

[Pictures] Dirty fun! Motifake office

Dirty fun!

Some funny cakes.

Some funny cakes !

Celephone, computer and playstastion console on the cake!

Computer cake! Every nerd's dream cake! Ha-ha.

Holy shit! Funny picture

Holy shit!

Hahahahaha xD

[Life] Meat-Santa


Me and my boyfriend was going to make food, so we had to fry the meat. When I took the meat and prest ut out of the sausage it became a hat and it looks a bit like a santa x3

[Blog] Happy valentines day!.. Chocolate!!

Happy valentines day!

A funny toilet sign!

A toilet sign, a bit funny.

[Picture] PMS! Blackbox

A funny picture about PMS!


Some pictures.

Engage rings, that I think is nice.

Monday, 22 February 2010

[Update] Some ideas

I think I will upload some pictures from now on (from my computer) just for fun, and maybe some inspiration for my job. I also think I will upload some pictures I, myself, have taken.

That's all I got from now.. See ya..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010