Tuesday, 11 June 2013

[Life] Power went

Here the other day the power went. There was some problems with one of the boxes etc. So we enjoyed our time with candles! 

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[Interior] Reorganisering in the aquarium and kitchen !

Today I've been cleaning the aquarium and re-originasing in the kitchen. 

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

[Pet] Aquairum is up again! n_n

I have just cleaned and redesigned the aquarium, waiting for the fishes to go from the smaller one to the big one :) So happy Sunday! n_n and my boyfriend seriously took the kitty in the aquarium. What a guy and poor kitty xD

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Friday, 7 June 2013

[Life] Fucking annoying day!

seriously... I just was in the bank, I told her my bank thingy didn't work and that I needed a new one. She told me to download an app. I told her that I got a very told phone, she said he also got an old phone. She asked me back and forward if I had the phone with me, I said "No, it's home charging". She was starting to become a bit annoying so I said to her "Lady, you don't understand me. I got a Sony Ericsson w995. It dosen't have apps, touchscreen, nothing!". She said "can't you download app on that one" I answered nicely no. She answered "Well, I send you the app on email and phone so you can download it".

Later she said "That is very weird that a young girl like you, got a old phone like that" (like she thought auto that every young person got a new touch tlf) . I answered "My parents taught me to take care of my things. I have them till they die. I think it still will last some couple of more years" and I smiled. "Yea, but it's weird you are so young, and you don't have a phone that can handle apps. I'm gonna send you the email and then you will get a sms with a link to the app that you downloaded."
"Yea, you can do that, but I still can't download the app!" I said. "Yea, but I've sent it to you know so if it dosen't work you have to wait for you bank-zip(-thingy)"
"I said, well I guess I have to do that, because I know the app wouldn't work!"
Then I took my stuff, and said goodbye.

When I got home I got a message on phone like she said I would, it said "Find your activatings code on email, then press this link and download the app" The only problem was that THERE WASN'T ANY LINKS TO PRESS because my phone is so old...

Later when I got home, I was thinking about playing a game of League of Legends with some friends, and what do you think? The cat jumped to the window and pulled down all my flowers... So I had to clean that, after that, she was been more annoyed, and my teammates ingame were raging and flaming because I was afk cleaning when I had to do that. So I have maybe broken the charger the charging the battery to my camera, and we lost the game!


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