Friday, 29 November 2013

[Life] Gandhi in Bodø!

(Bilde: Dagbladet

Yesterday, I went to try this new restaurant in my town named Gandhi. I can honestly say I am not a bit fan of spicy food, and I ordered something like what you see on the picture. The only different was that I asked for extra weak spicy food. I got what I asked for, but even that was too strong for me. The food was delicious even if it burned a bit in my mouth, and I almost ate it all. The sad part was that later in the evening my stomach started to hurt a lot, and I couldn't sleep before the clock was around 02.00 AM or something.. When I woke up today, I was still feeling ill, but I thought; "Hi, I'll go to school, I'm have a big test and I'll see how it goes".

I ate a yogurt, like I do every morning, and since that I started to feel like "I wanted to throw up". I'm not gonna go into details, but it just got worst and worst! Before something happen, like me cleaning the floor or something, I asked the teacher if I could go home. She already knew about me and that I can't handle spicy food so she was like "Oh, dear, go home! Get better!"

Oh, well. At least I can say I've tried Indian food!!
I'm hoping to get well tomorrow, because we are gonna eat a Christmas dinner with my boyfriends work on Saturday! :)

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

[Life] A update in my life 09.11.2013

It's been ages since last time I wrote here. Many things have happen and it's been a busy year. I'm not gonna go into details since it's very personally to me, but at least I can tell you guys that I've started school again. I'm just taking some classes to get grades in some subjects I haven't had before, and taking some subject over again to get better grades. Doing pretty well, getting grade 4, where the 6 is the highest. In America I guess that would be a D. I hope I can keep it going, but we'll see. The classes are getting harder and some of the teachers are not really, I don't know.. I rather don't want to talk about it, I just getting annoyed..

I've started Christmas shopping a bit, but more or less just for the Christmas calendar that me and my boyfriend is gonna have.. And yes, that reminds me. I've gotten a new boyfriend.
Anyway, Christmas is closing in and I've been making my Christmas presents this year. I will post more about it later when I get better. I'm btw sick, and I guess I'm just talking blabl-ish. I'm having a huge headache, and I'm not feeling well. I was on my way to bed, and now I'm sitting here. I bet I should get going.

Sorry for randomly update, jumping a lot and my blabl-ish~..

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