Monday, 6 September 2010

My boyfriends birthday-cake!

Last friday I was baking a cake for my boyfriend birthday, and my grandmother helped me.
This is pictures from last saturday, the day my boyfriend turned 19, and the clock is 10 am.. I was tired.

I took a little food coloring and I got a cool effect.

In the blue blot I used more food coloring, and it got awesome. I took some yellow and a little blue food coloring for getting the light green. The green you buy on shop are very dark, like christmas green.

The heats are actually just red, it was very hard to get to red-red, so it just got red-pink.

The flowers are the same red-pink as the hearts, and some yellow flowers. The leavse are in the same light green as the blot.

After the chocolate came on the cake!

My boyfriend got very happy about this, even if he don't like cake so much. Haha.

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