Tuesday, 14 January 2014

[Interior] Interior and baby stuff

This week I've been shopping a lot on sale all around. Got so much stuff for so little money. Tho, I did not overreact with the shopping. We actually needed most of these things.

First of all, Christmas is gone. I've been packing away all the Christmas decorations and plants and so on. The candy that didn't get eaten, got thrown away. So, I thought "why not buy some new flowers since it's spring and get some lovely flowers on the table". So I did. The only problem was when I got home; Where should I put them? I don't have a place for them, since I don't have a vases. 

Then I remembered: When I was in Stockholm with the class, for around 4-5 years ago, I bought some vases at a designer store for very cheap money. So why not use those?

It's made our of plastic and very nice. If I don't use it I can just fold it together. Just use hot water to make it get the shape, take the hot spring water out and replace it with water that the flower needs. Of cause did I choose blue, because....  I'm hooked on light blue for some weird reason this spring. I bought a lot of towels, since we needed new once and they were cheap, and I chose the green one (of cause) and the light blue one. So it will be interesting how this will turn out, hehe. 

I bought this on sale after Christmas since I wanted one, and it was lovely since it's trees on it and we have a lot of trees here. 

Some new kitchen towels.

And some good cheap candy. Tho, I can't eat that much of it since I'm pregnant, but my boyfriend eats a lot of them. 

Aww, look how lovely they are! 

This is what happen when I get to choose !

I do believe I will give my kid everything I didn't get or have. I always wanted a big teddy. I never got a big teddy from my lovers and I never got one when I was a kid. I didn't expect them to give it to me, but it would be kinda cute. But then again, my boyfriend have already given me so much last year and I really enjoyed. Many wonderful nights, helped me through hard times and giving me light back in life. I'm very glad I have him and that he is the father of my child.

Just to ruin the romantic fantastic moment there, I'm gonna tell you I was at a place where they sell things that people don't want anymore and the money goes to charity. People that works there, is working for free, so no money to them. If I had the time, I would have joined and helped them.

Anyway, so I found this cool picture frame where you are suppose to take a picture of the kid every month during a year. I think it was very cute and it didn't cost much. The only thing is that it maybe need to be painted, but when that time comes I will be ready.

There was also some people having a baby toy to give away for free. They had never been using it, since they got it when the kid was a bit too big. So it was perfect!  Funny part was that they where living right under where my boyfriend's sister lives, so we knew where they lived.

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