Thursday, 2 January 2014

[Interior] The last glimpse at Christmas 2013

This is the last post about Christmas I'm gonna post. This is by the way my cookie jar, that I filled with candy. Sadly, we haven't got to the bottom of it.  

On the kitchen bench right next to the cookie jar (candy jar) , I've been placing my lovely flower from my grandmother that pasted away. And a little glass jar with dishwasher soap. Find it very lovely!

This is my towel I got from a friend of me, for Christmas. It's soo cute, and it's so lovely with all the small animals on, specially since we soon are gonna have the baby and the baby would probably enjoy it! 

oh, my flowers! My Christmas flowers! It's been growing go fast and so big! I need to find a stick to keep it up, so they don't fall. Sadly, I've already broken the white one.

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