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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

[Bake] Oreo Truffles and Nougat Truffles Recipe (in english) :)

 So, I've decided to write the recipe in English as well! If you want the recipe in NorwegianGO HERE!

  • 48 Oreo cookies*
  • 200-300g Original Philadelphia Cheese  
  • 400g chocolate**

* If you got some left overs, you can use it as decorations on your truffles, or you can save it for some ice cram or yughurt.
** You can choose what chocolate you want. I used dark chocolate and decorated with light chocolate. 

How to make: 
1. Put the Oreo cookies in a bag and crush them. If you got a machine to do it, that would be great, just remember not to crush it too much. If there is any big peaces, don't worry about it.
2. Put the cookies in a bowl and add the Philadelphia cheese. Remember not to take all of it a the same time, just add little by little. It should be looking like a sticky dough. 
3. Let it in the fridge over the night or in the freezer till it's cold enough to work with. You hands are warm, so because of the Philadelphia cheese, it would be easier to work with if the mixture is cold.
4. When it's ready, take a spoon and add some of it into your hand. The spoon will measurement so every ball become equal. Work very fast to make it into a ball and place it on a plate or whatever you will. Like I said, it will be sticky so just remember to wash your hands often in cold water.  
5. Again, put it into the fridge over night or in the freezer for some minutes. Just remember, it's not going to be frozen! 
6.  Melt the chocolate.* If you choose to melt it over hot steam from a water bath or in the microwave, that's up to you. I used the hot steam.
7.  Take one of the balls you have made and put it into the chocolate. Do this very fast:Take a fork under it, lift it up and tab a little bit, so the chocolate that is left over drip off and back into the bowl. Use the tip of a knife to push it off the fork and onto a baking paper.***
8. If you got some left overs, decorate the truffles with Oreo cookies, if not, you can decorate them with whatever you want. Place them into the fridge for 1-2 hours. If you want to decorate them with chocolate like I did, take them out of the fridge after the chocolate have hardened.

* First melt 200g. If it's not enough chocolate add 100g. If it's still not enough, add the last one. Maybe you think it's enough with just 300g. 
** When you are melting the chocolate over hot steam, just remember to NOT get water into the chocolate. If you melt it in the microwave, just behave not to warm it too long, and stir in the chocolate regularly so it doesn't get burned. 
***Try to get so much underneath the as possible, so the knife wouldn't make any marks into the chocolate. 

 NB: Let it stay cold until serving it.   

  • 100 Nougat*
  • 200g chocolate**

*You can either make Nougat or you can buy it. Where to buy it, depends on where you live. I bough it at Coop Hypermarked
**How much Nougat and chocolate, depends on how much you are going to make. You can also double this if you want to. 

How to make:
1. Let the Nougat stay in the fridge over night or in the freezer for some minutes. The Nougat is easier to cut into peaces when it's cold and hard, and not soft. 
2. Cut the Nougat into peaces. If you want them big or small, it's up to you. Just remember that the Nougat is melting fast!
3. Put them into the freezer, while you are melting the chocolate. This way the Nougat will get hard.
4. After you are done melting the chocolate, put one peace of Nougat into the chocolate and do the "Fork-tips" I used on the Oreo truffles. Do this quickly, because the Nougat is melting!
5. Place them on a bakingpaper, decorate them if you want, and put them into the fridge for 1-2 hours.
6. When they have stayed in the fridge for some time, can you decorate them with smelted white chocolate, if you want to. 

 NB: Let it stay cold until serving it.  

If you are baking them both at the same time, then you only need 400-500g chocolate! I used two dark chocolate plate, two light chocolate plate and one white chocolate plate.  

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Monday, 29 September 2014

[Baking] A little shopping trip with 25% off! :D

Last week, actually on Saturday, Panduro had 25% on everything in the store, so I got this has a birthday pressent from my boyfriend. He was actually suppose to order me a massage for my birthday, because I've been through the pregancy and giving birth, but since it cost a lot I asked him "Why not give me this?".

This ended up around 400NOK, and it would have gotten around 550 NOK if it wasn't for that 25% off!

So, now I can make a dinosaur cake for my birthday on his one year old day, hehe. And maybe some dinosaur thingy for my boyfriends cake. We'll see.

And since we went shopping there, we got this for free. So, later I'm gonna dry to make something and see how it turnes out! 

Thank you so much, my love. I love you! <3 span="">

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[Baking] Chocolate cake with chocolate cream

I think it's about time to start bloggin again. I made this cake for one week ago, but life kept me busy, + I had some problems with my memory card.

Anyway, here is the recipe!

Chocolate cake ingerdience:
  • 2,5 dl milk
  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 225g room tempered butter
  • 2 dl suggar 
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 dl flour
  • 2 tbsp baking cacao
  • 2 tsp vanilla powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder 

  1. Heath the milk carefully and add chocolate. Let the chocolate melt. Let it cool.
  2. Take the butter and suggar and whip it white cream-ish. Separate the albumen and the egg yolk, and add the yolk into the cream. Now mix them good! Don't trow away the albumen!
  3. Take the vanilla powder, cacao, flour and the baking powder and term them together. Add it into the white butter and suggar cream, and then add the chocolatemilk into it. 
  4. Now you take the albumen and whip it white and add it into the the rest. 
  5. Now you add it in a baking pan. I used a circle one (24cm/9.4 inches).
  6. Bake it in 50-60 minutes on 175C/347F, in the middle in the oven. 

  Chocolate cream ingredience: 
  • 2tbsp cream 
  • 50g dark chocolate
  • 75g room temperated butter
  • 1dl icing suggar
  • 2tsp vanilla suggar
  1. Heath up the cream and chocolate, and when the chocolate is melted, let it cool.
  2. Mix the butter, vanilla suggar and icing suggar together, and add them into the chocolate and cream.
  3. When you have mixed it all together, the chocolate cream is done!

How to put the cake together:
  1. Cut the cake in as much layers as you want. I used two layers, but I feel I should've gotten three.
  2. Build them above each other with the chocolate cream between. (If you want to add some berries between the layers, it would make the cake even better!)
  3. Put the cake into the fridge for some couple of hours. This will let the cake take some of the juice of the cream, so it's getting less dry.

  • 3dl cream
  • All the berries you want!
How you want your cake on top depends on you. I went with cream and berries on top. (Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries).

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Monday, 22 September 2014

[Baking] Chocolate cake w/ Chocolate filling and MMF (Marshmellowfondant)

Thank you so much everybody that have been voting for me! 
(If you want to help as well go to:
Remember: Pad's, phone's, computer's etc. all counts!) 

Well, since there was so many people that enjoyed my cake, and wanted the recipe, I have decided to republish the recipe only that this time it will be in English! 
(Even if i got a google translate button on the top of the blog) 

Anyway! ~ Ingredients:

Ingredients For the cake:
60g melted butter
4 dl milk
5 dl flour
2,5 dl sugar
2 tablespoons baking cocoa
1 teaspoon baking soda

130g melted butter
400g icing sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
2 teaspoons coffee
2 tablespoons baking cocoa

300 g Marshmellow
3 tablespoons water
500g icing sugar

To create a land pan, simply double cake recipe.


The cake: 
1 Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and add the melted butter and milk.
2 mix until a smooth batter and pour into the baking pan you want.
3 Bake in oven at 175 Celsius degrees for about 30 minutes.

Note: The cooking time varies from oven to oven. Use a cake pop to be sure!

Procedure for filling: 
1 Mix the dry in a bowl.
2 Add the melted butter and boiled coffee.
3 Stir until well mixed and place in the refrigerator until the filling has been cold but not hard!

Procedure on MMF:
1 Take 300 g marshmellow in a bowl and add 3 tablespoons of water.
2 Insert in the micro until they are inflated.
NOTE: You must be looking at because this can go fast!
3 When the marshmallow is finished, stir and add the icing sugar until you manage to make a "lump" of it. If necessary, have the food coloring if you want color on MMF.
4 Wrap it in plastic and leave it room temperature.

If you make the MMF the day before or got some left overs you want to use later, just place it in the refrigerator. Just remember to let it stay in room temperature in some minutes before using.

How to assemble: 
1 When the cake has cooled, divide it into as many layers as you want.
2 Place cake layers and fillings layers by layers until you run out of cake, but have also a layer of filling on top. This will be used for "glue" for MMF.
3 Roll out the MMF as thin as you want without tearing. Roll it rather too large than too small in circumference!
4. By eye, find the midpoint of the cake and MMF, adding MMF over cake. Remember that it will be a little beyond the sides, since we intend to roll down the MMF on the sides of the cake too.
5 Start by stroking gently on top to make it flat and get out the bubbles.
6 Hold the MMF that is hanging down the side and gently stroke from the top to down on the side. Remember to not hold back, because then it will rips the MMF.
By doing this, the transition from the top to down tier pages much finer, smoother and no air bubbles underneath.
7 After you have done this around the cake, take a knife to cut the bottom of the cake so you get off the MMF that is left over.
8 The rest of MMF can be used to create decorations, or put in the fridge and save it for the next cake. Just remember to leave it on the counter for a little while before use. (Like I said earlier)

And volla, the cake is done! Enjoy! :)

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

[Manga] i found this about Arina Tanemura!!

Manga Freak!!: Mangaka Arina Tanemura!!!!!: I'm sorry!!! I have been sick for the past few days..........many people here are getting sick now that I mention it........they may be ...

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

[Life] Walked 1,4 miles yesterday!

Jeg er så stolt av meg selv! Jeg gikk hele veien til City Nord, for så litt lengere, for så å hente bilen. Jeg skal ærlig si jeg var ganske sliten i bena da jeg satte meg i bilen. Det føltes ut som bena hadde stivnet i leddene, men jeg er super fornøyd! :) 

Som belønning skal jeg i dag bake en sjokolade kake, med sjokolade krem og bær! :)
(Og fordi vi kanskje får besøk, hehe!)

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Hi! So, I got this email this morning were there was some speaking of "share your baking recipie and win a kitchen machine". So I looked it up a bit closer and figured that it's the same kitchen machine I've wanted to make my baking easier. The only sad part is that it cost around 1500 NOK!

So here I am, trying to give my best to win this.
 Do you want to be an angel and help me? 

(Pc, mobile, pads etc etc)
And press the "LIK" button. 

I appreciate it very much if you do! 
And thank you so much, to everybody who have already been voting! 

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

[Bake] Oreo Truffles and Nougat Truffles Recipe (in norwegian) :)

If you want the recipe in English: GO HERE!

Ingredienser til Oreo Truffles:
  • 1-3 pakker med Oreo kjeks*
  • 1 pakke Philadelphia ost**
  • 3 plater med kokesjokolade***

* Hvis det blir litt til overs kan det brukes til pynt på trøflene, eller du kan bruke det sammen med is eller vanilje yoghurt.
** Jeg brukte den originale
*** Her velger du selv hva du vil bruke. Jeg dyppet de i mørk kokesjokolade og hadde lys kokesjokolade og hvit sjokolade som pynt. Personlig synes jeg de er best hvis de er dyppet i mørk kokesjokolade.

Hvordan lage:
1. Legg Oreo kjeksene i en pose og knus det med en hammer. Hvis du har en maskin som kan knuse det istedenfor, funker det. Du trenger ikke å være nøye på hvor finknust det skal være.
2. Ha litt av den knuste Oreo kjeksen i en bolle og tilsett Philadelphia osten. Tilsett litt og litt til du får noe som ligner en litt klumpete, men klissete "deig". Den skal være klissete.
3. La det stå i kjøleskapet over natten eller i fryseren til blandingen er kald nok å jobbe med.
4. Ta en te-skje og ha litt av blandingen i hånda. Lag små kuler og sett det på et brett. Dette er som sagt veldig klissete, så vask hendene ofte i kalt vann. Varme hender kan gjøre det litt mer klissete. 
5. Sett det i kjøleskapet over natten eller i fryseren til de er blitt kalde og ikke klissete å ta i.
6. Smelt kokesjokoladen. Hvordan du velger å smelte den, er opp til deg. Jeg brukte vannbad. NB: Ikke få vann i sjokoladen!
7. Ta en kule og legg den opp i sjokoladen. Bruk en gaffel for å ta den opp på undersiden. Tapp gaffelen på kanten av skålen, slik at sjokoladen som ikke fester seg render av. Bruk en kniv med spiss tupp og tytt/skyve fra undersiden av kulen for å få den av papiret og for å ikke lage merke i sjokoladen.
8. Strø litt Oreo kjeks på toppen hvis du ønsker, hvis ikke setter du dem inn i kjøleskapet til sjokoladen har stivnet. Når sjokoladen har stivnet, tar du dem ut og pynter dem slik du vil.

NB: La stå i kjøleskapet til de skal serveres.

Ingredisener til Nougat Truffles:
  • 1-2 pakke med Nougat*
  • 2 plater med kokesjokolade**

* Antall pakker Nougat varierer på hvor mye du skal lage. 1 pakke Nougat inneholder 100g, og fåes kjøpt blandt annet ICA eller Coop Hypermarked.
** Her vil jeg anbefale å bruke lys melkesjokolade. Jeg syntes det ble litt bittert med den mørke. 

Hvordan lage:
1. La Nougaten stå i kjøleskapet over natten eller i fryseren. NB: Ikke la den bli for hard, da kan det bli vanskelig å skjære i den. 
2. Skjær firkanter. Om du vil ha store eller små er opp til deg. Vær ops på at Nougaten smelter veldig fort mot varme hender, så anbefales å være rask.
3. La de ligge i fryseren til de har blitt litt kalde og harde. I mens, kan du smelte sjokoladen.
4. Ha en Nougat bit i sjokoladen. Bruk samme teknikk for å få dem opp, som ble brukt på Oreo trøflene. Her lønner det seg å være rask, siden Nougaten smelter. 
5. Legg så i kjøleskapet til sjokoladen har stivnet.
6. Når sjokoladen er stivnet, ha på pynt om ønskelig.

NB: La stå i kjøleskapet til de skal serveres.

Hvis du skal lage begge trufflene samtidig holder det med fire (4) sjokoladeplater. Jeg kjøpte 2 mørke og 2 lyse kokesjokolade, og en hvit for pynt. Det ble minimalt til overs, men det kan evt brukes til annet. 

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

[Life] I bought myself something special this weekend

Me and my boyfriend have a very open relationship when it comes to money, since we are living 90% on his money. We have it very balanced and very open to what and were he money is going.

Since my boyfriend got my "permission" to buy the big Payday2 pack on steam (since it was on sale for around 20 euros or something), I gave myself some permission to buy something that I like.

I have been talking a little with my boyfriend during this summer about taking some decoration classes (for cakes) in the evenings when I get a job and we get more income. And since we need the stuff, I thought "why not buy it on sale, for cheaper money?" + I can already starts now with the training. So I got myself a sett for helping me out with decorations! :)

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