Monday, 26 September 2011

[Anime] Serial Experiments Lain

Wow, where do I start? Well it was awesome, but in the same way very confusing. It's about a girl who dosen't know who she is, and seaching for "Knights of the Eastern Calculus". The story is hard to explane because it's so confusing, AND you need to know a little about computers to accturly understand the story and what's going on.

The story I think was great, but since it was a little confusing I'll rate the story: 9/10!
The music / opening song was great! Love it! I'll rate it: 10/10!
The way the anime was made was also a little.. Well you have to see it to fine it out: 9/10!

And in the end, I rate it: 9/10!

NB: If you like computers, you should watch this, but you can get an epilepsy seizures!

Don't remeber where I found this!

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