Saturday, 11 September 2010

[Anime] Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu

The anime starts with the opening, that is really cool (photoshop or something like that), and the song is awesome!

True, the first season of "Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu" in the opening video they DON'T show if they are going to kiss or not. Me like! Because most of the anime shows in the opening what is going to happen in the anime, and in this anime they don't. So we don't know if they are going to kiss or not. (I promist, it's exciting!)

So just for judgeing this right now: I'll give the opening: 10/10 !

Here are some of the people you meet in the anime.

The anime is about a boy,that have a anime lover friend, and a girl with a secret interest for anime.

Some classmates.

The bad thing is that her father dosen’t allow her to have a interest for that, and then the boy finds out, they have to be quiet about it to everybody. It becomes their little secret.

The father.

Since it’s their little secret they start doing things together.

Later the boy taking Hauka’s little sister on a date, because her little sister want to learn the boy how to take care of her big sister. It becomes very perverst!

Then after much fighting for keeping the secret, they do cosplaying in the anime from other anime (the reason: you will find out in the anime!)
The person is dressed like "Dokuro-chan".

The funny part with this anime is the boy is living with his big sister and another lady I didn’t understand who was, unless that she was his teacher at school. They drink a lot! give the opening: 10/10 !

Not only is that funny, when Haruka is at her room the maids and his little sister are standing outside the door and listening. That’s funny!

The boss of the Nogizaka family is the mother, she even bosses over her husband (Haruka’s father) and when Haruka and the boy are in trouble, the father gets very angry, and the little sister get the mother to stop the father for killing somebody.

I think the anime is exciting, fun and romantic.
I give the anime: 10/10
So the total rank will be: 10/10


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