Thursday, 2 September 2010

My day!

Today I'm gonna do like all the others bloggers do.. I'm gonna write about what my day have been like... I guess this is the first and last time I do it..

Today, our class went to the city and walked true some design stores and first we went to "Løwini".

Panton's Chair, for kids.

After we were done there, we went to "Cubus" and I found a t-shirt that was so cute!

Then we went to "Wimpy" (Wimpy Norway)

The chip looked like a guitar! Hah!

Then we went to "Princess". Look at does cute things!

Haha, the sheep's name was "Fabian", just like my bestfriend, haha!

Here are the catalogs I took with me, so my schoolwork will be more easy!

Yes, we were on "Skeidar" and I just HAD to buy the bear-cocking tin.

Then we went to a bookstore and buyed white stickers so I could mark my things at school, and went I went to buy my boyfriends birthdays present, I took the (blue) book with me.

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