Saturday, 25 September 2010

Is it nagging when you come up with ideas?

Yea, I wonder. Is it nagging when you come up with ideas?
A: Can you do the dishes?
B: Okey

A: Why didn't you do the dishes?
B: Because I didn't got time for it?
A: Why didn't you get time for it?
B: Because I had to do that, and that, and then that.

Here is it the idea comes in:
A: So why didn't you do that, that, then the dishes and THEN that?


A: Can I come over tomorrow?
B: Yes

Next day:
A: Hello? Was I'm going to come to you to day or not?
B: Ow sorry, I priomised another friend that I would go with her/him to the...
A: But we planed this for 2 days ago?
B: Yea, sorry.
A: So why didn't you tell me? So I could find another friend to be with, insted of waiting for you to send me a message or call? 

It's like each time I give ideas, to why people didn't do that and that, people get angry at me etc. I don't know why, I only comes up with ideas. I know it can be a lot of ideas sometimes, but if they had followed the idea I wouldn't tell the ideas over again. It's not that I'm telling "You DO that and that", It's more like "if you do that we wouldn't fight anymore about does things ". So I don't understand. Well, well. 

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