Thursday, 23 September 2010

Review: Resident Evil 4 Afterlife 3D

Yesterday I was with my boyfriend a saw "Resident Evil 4 AfterLife 3D". This was my first movie in 3D so I was very excited. Not only was this the first time I watched the first 3D movie, but also the 11 months day with my boyfriend, so I was really looking forward to this.

The movie started and we took the glasses on. The beginning was very cool, because it was like the letters on the text came for behind you. So in the beginning there was much 3D that you felt came out of the movie screen. Later it wasn't so much that "came out" of the screen. I think that was a bit sad, because I really liked it. 

The movie was good, and sometimes scary! I jumped a bit something, because I got so scared and one time I  almost screamed, because I was so focus on the movie and then suddenly my boyfriend just tightened his hand that I was holding. Hehe, but I'm glad I didn't scream. 

The end of the movie was a bit boring, because it was the same as in the game. First I just "where have I seen that before? I KNOW I have seen it before!", and when we got home my boyfriend said "it's like the game" and I'm just "ohh..". 

Right after the movie I thought the movie was okay, and could rate it 8/10, but now that I'm thinking over it, I would give it 10/10 because I want to go back and watch it again, but the sad thing is that went you buy the movie on dvd or blue-ray went it comes out, it's not in 3D and then it's not so fun anymore, and if I watched it one more time I will be irritated about the same thing. (That it's not anoth 3D out to the room.)

Anyway, I like it. I had a great day. You should see it in 3D, not on tv home!!

Here are some mistakes they made under the movie:

  • Revealing mistakes: After Alice lands in what she thinks is Arcadia, and after her video-log, while investigating the "mysterious figure" she readies both her revolvers and points them right at the camera. There are no bullets in the chambers. Also, even if the chamber behind the barrel of each gun WAS loaded, when she pulled the trigger, the cylinder would revolve and the hammer would strike the next (and obviously empty) chamber.

  • Factual errors: When the Alice clones attack Umbrella Corporation HQ, they fire thousands of rounds from sub-machine guns without reloading. The Tmp machine pistol they were using can only be fired for about 4 seconds before emptying.

  • Revealing mistakes: While Claire is fighting with the Axeman, he chases her only to have her do a wall run and vault back over his head. This would see her land 10-12 feet behind him. But when the action continues Claire starts running from the far end of the shower room, a good 30 feet away.

  • Continuity: The clones of Alice in the beginning go from a slight platform heel to flats and back and forth during the action scene.

  • Revealing mistakes: When Claire and Chris Redfield shoot Albert Wesker in the head with their pistols you can clearly see the desynchronizing between the flame coming out of the guns and the recoil of gun fire, seen in their hands.

  • Continuity: During the scene in the shower when Alice hears a noise, the shower can be heard. However, in each of the shots of Alice, the shower goes from on, to off, and on again.

  • Continuity: When Alice confronts Wesker at the end of the movie, We notice that Chris follows her. However, when we see Chris and Claire later, they appear behind Wesker, even though they took the same path as Alice, who ended up in front of him.

  • Continuity: When Alice tied up Claire after a fight, Claire's hair is untidily, her face and arms are dirty and and her clothes are waste. Later in the plane, Clair is perfectly coiffed, clean and made-up. It seems that she has even new clothes, yet the two were only on a small airfield with no infrastructure around.

Here are some pictures: 
You can also see more picture here: Click here!

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