Sunday, 22 December 2013

[Life] What I've been doing through this December !

Many things have happen this month, so I'm not gonna tell it detailed about it. First of all, we bough at Nintendo64 for only 500 NOR KR! That is around 60 euros! Wii!! 

Then we were going on a trip with my boyfriends work, and eat dinner and drink and celebrate Christmas. My boyfriend bough me this earrings and necklace. I love it <3 nbsp="" p="">

The hotel room!

It's been snowing a bit too, and I was outside with Lulu Mia. You can read about it here:

I've been cleaning and decorating for Christmas too. If you want to see more pictures, you can watch it here:

I have also made muffins with chocolate inside, and gingerbreads and gingerbread house with my boyfriends mother and family. It was pretty funny, because me and my boyfriends sister decorated each side of the house without looking at each others side of the house. This is her side of the house. Sadly, before I got the chance to take a picture of my side the gingerbread house broke down.. 

Out little Christmas tree! 

And I've been outside walking some times. Sadly, not been taking that many pictures. 

I've almost won a lot of money.. 

And for making up the sad thingy, here is some funny pictures of my cat during December:

I've been a bit creative too. Here is one I made that I've been giving in Christmas presents to a friend! 

I've been making Chocolate and some other yummy Christmas cakes! Also, here is this years post about how I wrapped in my Christmas presents:

And we have been having a lot of lovely Christmas breakfasts ! ^^ 

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