Wednesday, 25 December 2013

[Life] Some of what I got for Christmas presents!

This is how the car was looking like when we were traveling home. Poor kitty, but lucky we didn't had to travel that far. 

Here is some of the stuff I got, that I really loved. I did not take picture of it all because it was so much. (Click on the pictures to get them bigger) 

Popcorn machine from my mother in law! Oh, how I've been asking my boyfriend all the time about it, but he said no. I love popcorn <3 p="">
Some lovely slippers that is easy to take on and off. 

A new phone from my parents. Goh, I love them so much!! I even got an Iron bar and a table to do it on!

A lovely light house with a cute door from sister in law. 

Some hobby things I got from a very good friend of me. 

Same present!

A lovely hat!

Gift cards. One to a pet shop the other one to a mall. 

Best sign ever!

Food plate that can stand the heat with a lid on + a cute kitchen towel! 

To decorate cakes, cupcakes, whatever!

Chocolate, even if I can't eat so much of it. 

Make up. I know, I don't use make up, but the colors was so cool!

Two iron bar. One big and one small. Perfect, since then I can use the big one for curtains and tablecloths and the small one to shirts and so on! 

So thanks to all of you for the wonderful presents I've got! And also thank you for does I didn't take picture of! 

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