Monday, 9 August 2010

[Bake] How to make and not make cookies! (Recipe)

I know I had blogged this long ago, the 3rd of August, but I am not so far. (I had forgotten that I had taken the pictures) So this is baking day (alone) August 3rdWell let's start with where I got the recipe from. I searched on Google and found many suggestions, but I was not particularly fond of them. So I searched a little more to find a recipe from, which are as follow:200 g butter at room temperature300 g sugar275 g flour1 teaspoon baking powder1 tsp vanilla sugar2 eggs100 g light chocolate spots or light chocolate50 g almondsI would not have almonds, so I dropped it, but made some with chocolate. I made an error with the chocolate, and I'll tell you about it later. Maybe you can learn from it. Then scroll further down, or read through everything.

Anyway, first you have the room temperature butter.I cut it a little up in pieces, so it would go a little faster.

Then it was time to start the blender so the sugar could more easily blend with the butter.

Then it was time of the sugar. You just poured a little and a bit of time.

Avoid lumps! Then it took a little longer. You can use brown sugar to, and go 50/50.

Mix it well!

And it will soft of look like this.

So have you up in flour. It said 275g, but I used 300g, just to making it easy.

Once you've mixed it well enough, it will look like out. It's now you should have the chocolate, nuts or other things you choose to have up.

In this one, I choosed not to have anything inside it.

Take two tea spoons to benefit the dough into small lumps, not large because these would "melt" and they are quite large.

Put them in the oven.

Follow the clock.

This is the dough I did wrong!.I used dark chocolate in the first dough, do not recommend! It made so that the cookis got a bitter taste, and it was not good!I tried to take out some of the dark chocolate in the dough number two, but then some of the sugar came to the surface, melted and it tasted honey flakes.

So do not try dark chocolate in cookies!

Keep follow the clock!.

How are they looking?

Let the new board with cookies.

Now they're done!

After 10 minutes in the oven, take them out and let them rest in peace in two minutes. After those two minutes, you can move them onto a rack.

Continue until you're done!


So now you know how to make cookies, and how NOT to make them! Thanks to me!

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