Friday, 6 August 2010

Higashi no Eden

Higashi no Eden, is an anime that I thought would be better than expected. It may be that perhaps I was not so interested in it, but I got through it. Surprisingly, is the year in this anime 2010 and 2011, something that made me interested.

It is about a boy who meets a girl, or he really saves her out of trouble with the police.

They are known, but the boy dosen't know who he is. He tries to remember who he is, but when he was looking in the closet, he finds a lot of weapons and believes that he is a terrorist. He gets strange calls from "Mr. Outside" and sends him massages.

This is something the boy do to the girl, just for fun and make her happy.

This is the bad guy, or woman(?).

I do not know what more I can say than that the story is about the boy who tries to find out who he is, why he did not remember anything, why he has "THE" phone (since it is not a regular phone), who "Mr. Outside" is and various other issuse. This is a bit exciting series, and if you're not awake all the time, you will quickly lose a part of the story and it may seem uninteresting.

The story do I rate: 7/10

The opening song for Higashi no Eden is actually a song that Oasis have made and it is not often that anime artists use the Oasis or some (at least not as I know).
For me it's new that big artist create the opening songs, so I give high maks to the music.

So the character of the music would be: 10/10

The whole anime? Nje, I give it: 7/10

Here are some pictures from the anime.

And here is the cool phone and many wants.


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