Sunday, 1 August 2010

I My Me! Strawberry eggs

I My Me Strawberry eggs is about a new educated boy who wants to be a teacher, but the nearest school employees are not men as teachers, only women.

Since Hibiki Amawa which is the new educated the boy, desperately need money to pay rent, clothe himself like a woman to get the job.

Fuko Kuzuha, which is one of the students in the class of Hibiki, has had some problems with various things, such that she can not run very far before she falls. As a teacher takes Hibiki responsibility to help Fuko, and it is not only this, he helps her.

Not only that Hibiki must keep their secret, always try to show the principal to find evidence that Hibiki is a man, not a woman. This is then part of the excitement.

As Hibiki Fuko help with various things, they begin slowly to get feelings for each other, but none of them understand exactly what is going on. Hibiki is confused that he suddenly likes bras very well, and Fuko do not understand that she may have feelings for a girl. Not only is it a boy in class named Akira Fukae has feelings for Fuko, but since she is so confused about her feelings for Hibiki, she don't know what to answer when he asks if she will be with him. What Fuko do not know is that Fujio Himejima, which is one of the best friend, are in love with Akira, and asked him if he wanted to be with her, but as I said, since he was in love with Fuko he replied no.

True this anime you will be asking yourself; will they find out about hibiki's secret? What will happen with the love?

It is an interesting anime and I thought it was awesome! Even the music I liked! I sat crying at the end because I liked it so well!

Without a doubt, I give this: 1

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