Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Misty night 8. August 2010

What's happening? This have never happend in my city befor! It's kind of scary!

8. august 2010, 04:50:16

I promis you, you could only see clearly 10 meter ahead you, the rest was hard to see.

8. august 2010, 05:01:16

8. august 2010, 05:01:36

Scary!! And the worst part were that there was no one out. I know it was in the morning, but not even a car?! That was scary! I heard some birds fry over me, but I could hardly see them either.

8. august 2010, 05:02:44

8. august 2010, 05:02:52

I have never experienced something like this befor!

8. august 2010, 05:19:48

Now you can see that it stats to light up.

8. august 2010, 05:20:00

After this scary happening, it turned out to be sun for the rest of the day.

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