Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Air Gear Review

Air Gear is about a boy called ikki.
He lives with some girls: Mikan, Rika, Ringo and Ume.

He walked around a little in the house and find these roller skates, also known as AT.And he just had to try it!

He notices that it wasn't normaly roller skaters, and when he started to understand how it works he felt that he was flying

After he had tryed this, he went back to his usualy place where he always see a girl comes flying over his head. Her name is Simca.

After a little while in the anime you get to know more about how this works out.
Including that there are several "gangs" that he must beat for becoming "The King".

After a while he understand that he also needs a "gang", and stat looking for people who want to join him. The first two are ofc his bestfriends. His "gang" is named "Kogarasuaru".

After battling a little (and von) he ask the people if they want to join him. And they say ofc yes!

Later, he get to know the truth about Rika and "Sleeping Forest", and then we battleing many more people.

Then they came to a enemy with a little boy who has two personalities. He is a bit cool, while he is a bit scary.I think actually a little sorry for the boy, because the gray-haired fool treated him as a prisoner / pets.

The anime is exciting in the beginning and at the end, but I lost a little interest since I was getting bored. The stupid is that the manga story are longer than the anime, but the end of the anime did I like alot! One thing that irritated me a bit with Air Gear is that sometimes when they jumping around or runing, reminded me of Naruto, when they got the marks on her back reminded me more about Naruto. The little boy who had two personality reminded me a little about Sasuke, and the fun with that little boy was that he always went around and said, "Fuck." The monsters involved in this anime reminded me of Bayblade. But oh.

I give this story and the way they have drawed: 7 / 10

The music was quite ok, I got a bit hooked on the opening song, haha.
Music: 7 / 10

So the anime is: 7 / 10

I found that there were toys. Take a look!

And in the end, some cool wallpapers from:

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