Sunday, 1 August 2010

My 18 years day

Finally, is it time to write about my birthday as I said before that I would do.
Ehm, since I celebrated my birthday over two days, I guess I can start to talk about the day number one.
Saturday 24 July
I was awake at night to 24. July with my boyfriend and I had already got many greeting when the clock struck 00.00. I ran around in my boyfriends room, and into the neighbour (a cousin of my boyfriend). After a little query about different things, congratulations cousin of my boyfriend, finally after 40 minutes. So I went a little while to bully him for being too slow to congratulate me, just for fun.

Anyway, when the clock began to approach 04-05 in the morning, I and my boyfriend went to bed.

The morning after, at 13.00, woke me and my boyfriend. We thought we were eating dinner at a restaurant called Mon Ami, but then my best friend called and told that they had closed, because of renovation. I was a little sad, since I had planned a large dinner, but not long after my mother called me and told me we were coming to eat the cake home with me. We were picked up and we went.
When we came home to me, we ate cake and I open my birthday gift from my parents and my grandmother.

After we had eaten the cake, my father drove me and my girlfriend to the city. When we got to town I went and my girlfriend around the shops. I bought myself a new pair of trousers, treats and a new memory stick to school work. I thought it would be hard to find pants, since I have some great places and some wide hips, but what it did on the first try. So when I was very happy!

After much walking, we decided to eat dinner, but where should we eat dinner? We decided to try the new restaurant that had come to town, an Italian restaurant. It was ok food, Orion's is better! Thurs pizza, a beer and a soda, which went for $ 500, sigh.

After we had eaten, we walked a bit more in the shops and down to the pier where the carnival was. We were on the carnival and my boyfriend will definitely try to win a little. Following on, we went to the boat, because I wanted some shrimp. I went to asked if I could get a cup shrimp, he said I could get it, but I thought I heard wrong. So when I got the shrimp, I asked again and he said again "no, you can have them.” I smiled and said thank you, and so me and my boyfriend went to a place to sit and ate shrimp. Okay, I was the only one who ate shrimp then, but oh.

After we had eaten shrimp, we went to a place called "Beer tent”. It is a tent that you can drink beer, cider, etc. It is open only in summer, because it is outside and right next to the port so you can see the sunset.
After a while we called my boyfriends cousin and his buddy.
They also came to drink along with us.
So after two hours we went to "Rock", but they were not open yet.
So we went to the "Burger King" and the ordered food. Then we went back to the "Rock" and they had opened.
We ordered drinks and I had a drink called "Jokkings.” After drinking it up, we went home. When we got home we relaxed a little bit off, and I got to open the gift of my boyfriend. It was a harddriver 1.5 Tb! I was soo happy! So we slept, and when the day was over!

Day two, Sunday 25 July.
We got up, dressed us, cleared a bit, and waiting for guests.
Today I were going to have a party where my boyfriend lived. I had celebrated it with the girls before the summer starts, because a friend wanted to move, so this party was a boy my friends AND my best friend who just came home from Germany.
When they arrived, we party!
We had jelly shots by 60%, which almost became a competition to eat most of, hehe.
I did not eat the most, because the cousin of my boyfriend ate almost everyone. Although this was my 18 year celebration, it was not me who was drunk and asleep first, haha. It was my boyfriend who did.

This is the best birthday i ever had, and I am incredibly grateful to my boyfriend who let me have a great day AND have a great party at his place! I love you, my boyfriend!

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