Sunday, 1 August 2010

29. July, the night of 30 July. Scary night!

The day started with fun, warm and nice wether.

At 01.00 o'clock me and my boyfriend on a trip to the park. It was warm outside and the wether was okay. De did see the bad sky, but we didnt really care. When we went to the flymuseum, we saw more bad sky, and we could feel som warm raindropes, but still we didn't care.

When we got home the sun started to rise, while the dark clouds began to approach. Then we heard the thunder and I went to see the window what it was. I said back when we were out that I hear thunder, but my boyfriend said it was just something else.When I looked out the window I saw these great clouds, and took the picture immediately!

It began to thunder more and lightning as well, and there was BIG lightning. I went with a cousin of my boyfriend at a gas station because he wanted something good to eat. It took us two seconds before we were soaked. When we went to the gas station we saw several large lightning.When we entered the gas station all the lights flashed again, and when we were going home to my boyfriend again, we saw a lightning bolt that struck down the mountain, so all the power disappeared in the city. I was so worry for my grandmother who was at my house alone, and I tried to call her, but since the power was gone i just had to wait till the morning.

When we got home to my boyfriend, only to light candles and wait until the power came back.When it came back and lightning and thunder had begun to move, the knitting head out the window to take more pictures.

I were so worry for my grandmother that I went to take the first buss home. If you look at the first picture and the pictures under this you will see that it rained alot.

I was at my way to my boyfriend again, and the dark sky went over again. It said it was going to rain, but I was afraid it was going to happen something worst.

I was reading on the internett about the night, and people around the city had taken some pictures. Here are them.

Lian in Beiarn
Nedre Hunstad

It was a long, scary night, and I'm glad I'm not living in America!

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