Monday, 26 July 2010

Marzipan cake!

This post will be about marzipan cake! I had my 18 birthday two days ago (which I will talk about in another post), and when I got a cake form , cake bottom and a thing that you use to cut out differently, that is designed for baking. . And yes, marzipan.
So now I bake marzipan cakes, pastry, and be a little creative to decorate them yourself!
Here is a recipe:
A three-sponge-cake (available complete)200 g raspberry jam or marmalade120 g grated chocolate5 dl whipping cream, whippedMarzipanMelis for decoration
Mix in chocolate in one third of the cream.
Smear half of the jam on the cake bottom and chocolate butter cream on top. Keep the middle part of the sugar bread and butter for the rest of the jam and one third of the cream.
Put on the top part of the sugar bread and butter the rest of the cream over top and sides of cake. Roll out the marzipan (in confectioners' sugar or flour) and place carefully over cake.
You can easily make a marzipan rose by rolling with rolling-pin marzipan (like a carpet roll), and fold into the outer layer. I rose color with beetroot, but the food coloring can also be used.

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