Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

The story starts with a father on the run with his son from his divorced wife.
When they arrive in a city to stop for refueling, find the boy (the son) a kitten and will keep it.His father says that it is too dangerous to bring a cat, and it does not take long for Helpers to his wife finds them and the hunt continues.

They run into a trash place where there are many damaged cars. Unfortunately, they crash the car into many other cars, and they fall over the car they are sitting in. Helpers to his wife starts to shoot, but they think for one moment that they are dead. They're wrong.

When the father asks his son if he's alright, he sees the boy cry. They did not hit them when they fired, they hit the cat.Since her son was so upset, his father decided to build a robot that was half "human", half cat. She was called Nuku Nuku.

Nuku Nuku er ikke en vanlig robot. Hun hjelper rundt om i huset. Hun hjelper sønnen med å komme seg opp om morgenen, hun lager mat og vasker, ja hun er nesten som en mor, men det er ikke det som er uvanlig. hun har noe som man nærmest kan kalle "superkrefter". Hun kan løpe kjempefort og er utrolig sterk, og det er vel godt å ha når man har en gal mor etter seg, ikke sant?

Although her mother is out to get quality time with her son, she always follows him through satellite or something. When he is at school, she is always home to contrive out plans to get her son back, but the color works
as a teacher in the same class as his son.

So the rest of the anime is just about the mother who tries everything she can to get some quality time with his son. This may sound terribly boring, but it is actually very funny!

If you ask me, I think this anime is very funny! It is not exactly exciting, unless you are curious about how the anime will end.

I give this anime: 8 / 10

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