Monday, 26 July 2010

Annother marzipan recipe!

In a bowl, take one and a half package cream.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

So mixing the cream until it is fluffy and good.

Begin then with the cake base. Cut it into 3 parts

Go through with the knife in the cake bottom several times, so the cake will not taste dry, it will attract moisture from the cream and fruit as we will later on ...

Cover well with cream.

Put the nuts on.

So you have the raspberry jam and fruit cocktails, not just beautiful sight but it tastes delicious.

Wear Part 2 of the cake base.

Second floor of the cake base to be filled with lots of raspberry jam, when it is between two plates with lots of cream, it will not be sweet, but fresh and delicious.

Please click well with cream and serve well on the edges / sides as well.

Put the nuts and fruit, and take the fork o go through the two cake so that the cake base does not taste dry.

Put the fruit on the bottom 2 also as the base 1

Keep your bottom paragraph 3
Cover well with cream.

Jam on the bottom 3 as well, not on fruits and nuts on the floor 3, because of it shall be marzipan, otherwise it will be cumbersome on top.

Remove from marzipan distribution.

Use hands and make it as a ball.

Then, as a rothi.

So the rolling-pin like a great naan.

Put it on the cake, gently

Cut away extra marzipan.

The remains of marzipan, you can use as a garnish / shoes on the cake.

To make roses need confectionery color red.
Do not confuse as much color otherwise it will be knæsj, and it is not good for marzipan cake (I mean then)

Green confectionery color to create leaves and stems on the cake.

I prefer roses on marzipan cake, think it is incredibly good.


(Sorry, it's in Norwegian)

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