Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Kinya Kotani

Kinya kotani, born July 16, 1979, also most knows as Kinya. Is a male singer and acuter from Saitama, in Japan. He has writhen many songs, and performed some of them.  The reason why I like his music is because he wrote and performed songs from an Anime I liked very much, named Gravitation.  For does who don’t know what Anime is, it is a cartoon series. Example like Pokémon and Digimon.  
Since Gravitation is about a boy that plays in a band named bad luck, there is much music in the anime. In Gravitation, Kinya was the singing voice for the lead singer of 'Bad Luck', Shuichi Shindou. Kinya have also wrote and performed songs with bands named “mad soldiers” and “iceman” that played some of the songs in Gravitation.
Kinya haven’t only wrote songs for Gravitation. He has also wrote songs for other animes, and some that is not animes. Mad soldiers use to play some of does songs at Kinya’s concerts. 

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