Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bend it like Beckham

Bend it like Beckham

Jess can again feel the cold and bright air of England as she steps out from the gateway and right into the airport. She could remember everything from the day she left.
The huge roof got this old black colour and it looks like it could fall down anytime.
Her stomach was making a big loud of noises, probably because the food she got on the plane was all dry and maybe stocked up for months.
Her head and body was turning around a few times looking for Joe. She still couldn’t believe she already was here and he was going to pick her up. Her stomach made even more noises and she was feeling exited.

She picked up her luggage and sat down on a bench looking around. The roof looked very threatening, almost like a monster that wanted to eat her up. She couldn’t see clearly, so she decided to sitting down.
To sit down on a bench for five minutes and wait for a boy that she really fancied could be like a kid waiting for x-mas. For another minute without his presence was starting to be torturing. Suddenly she could smell him, maybe he had seen her, but just turned around, maybe he was cheating on her at this moment.

She grabbed her soda and started pouring it down her throat, her stomach was silent now. She was scared and exited at the same time. It had start raining outside. She finally got something to think about and suddenly two hands grabbed her shoulders and started to massage her from behind.

At first she didn’t realise that her shoulders were feeling heavier, but after a few seconds her head turned around with her body in a reflex. She could now see him, her own Joe that she missed so much and wanted to hold.
Before they both knew it Jess felt on the floor backwards and Joe jumped over the bench to her and took her up in his arms asking her if she was okay, she did respond in a hug saying his name
whispering in his ear. 

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