Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How important is it to learn English?

It’s very important to learn English. It’s important in the way for communication so you can easier understand other people. If you are travelling to another country or talking to people over the internet, it’s much easier to right English. I use to talk a lot with people from other countries, like America, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Nederland etc. If I wasn’t able to speak English, I would have had so many problems with understanding them.
English is also good to know when you are talking to people over phone. Like my grandmother was Norwegian before she moved to America. She can speak Norwegian, but she still has some words that she can’t remember what’s in Norwegian. Then she use to speak English so I know what she was planning to say.
English is important. If something’s bad happen, like an air plan crashed, and you are in another country or somebody has panic and want to tell you. Then it would be important so you can help them, in stead of just watching or trying to understand what they are saying.
If you are buying something, a machine or something from outside your country, then it can be dangerous to just start with it without reading how to use it and what’s dangerous with it.

I think the most important reason for learn English is to understand other people that is not talking the same language and to read and understand that things can be dangerous.

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