Friday, 30 January 2015


Yea, for some days ago I realised that I used to sing while been home alone (like a lot), and since my son was sleeping I though "hi, why not sing some karaoke like I did before?". So, after some back and forwards I enjoyed some hours singing! Here are some of the scores, which I finds funny!
(Btw, doing this make me feel so good about myself, but I really, really feel bad for the neighbors, hehe) 


Within Temptation - Memories, is one song I used to sing a lot while working some years back. I was actually singing it almost daily. I figured they had it, so I just had to try it. The funny part is that this was my first time singing it karaoke AND I got the best scores of all the song I've been singing! Ha!


And it even got better!!  

Duals is something i find very funny. People who hosts the dual usually think they are going to win, or do it very well. But that's only until I join,haha. No, but seriously, This is fun and it makes me feel good about myself.  :)


Well, this was my day. How was yours? :)
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