Thursday, 29 January 2015

[TIW] Ghost watching while showering

So, like I said earlier; I would start out with something new called "TIW" (Things I wonder), and I am not gonna say it's not gonna be stupid things, and I'm not gonna say it's gonna be smart things, but it's just questions that pops up in my mind during days.

Okey, so for some minutes ago I took a shower, and I saw a shadow. Or, at least I thought I saw a shadow. I do believe in the paranormal, due to experience from earlier in my life and in this apartment, and yes, I am afraid of been alone in the house sometimes.

But like I said; I was taking a shower and saw a shadow. Like I always do, I try to find a reasonable explanation for it, which in this case I just blamed it on the tv. (Like I always do.) But then the question pop into my heard; You know how some people feels that they are been watched in the shower, but there is nothing really there? What if there IS a ghost or a spirit watching you taking a shower?

But that wasn't actually the real question, my REAL question is; What if some ghost or spirits are watching kids in the shower, are they pedophiles then? 

Well, I hope you got an answer, because I don't.

Goodnight everybody!

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