Thursday, 29 January 2015

[Blog] Update on my blog; ny changes, new category

Okey, so yea, due to so much things happen in my life and so many questions that I have, I've decided to make something new on my blog (just to categorize all the subject). These are the ones I has for now on:

  • Baking, which is everything that as to do with baking to do.
  • Video, which is basically just videos of random things.
  • Blog, which as something to do with the blog
  • Game, which as something to do with games/videogames, including streaming!
  • Life, which is just random things happen in my life
  • Photo, which is about photos that I've taken.
  • Pictures, which is random pictures I want to show, either found on a webpage or something
  • Music, which says itself
  • Pet, which is everything that as to do with my cat, Lulu Mia. Which can also be in the category "photo", since I take pictures of her!
  • Interior, which is everything that as to do with interior to do.
  • School, is for school stuff
And for other stuff that doesn't have a category, that is just random stuff. 

Now, I've been thinking about starting something new called TIW, which stands for "Things I wonder". It's gonna be about things that I'm question myself and wondering about. 
I am considering, for actually a long time now, to start something I would call "TTA", "Things That annoys" (me) in my life. Just to get my frustration out. But we'll see how that will goes! 

Till next time, ta-ta!

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