Monday, 25 May 2015

I won giveaways two times in a row!! :D

So I won this game on Vantazzy's stream on twitch, and it was kinda fun, cause last time I was there i also won, hehe. So after I received the game, I said to the other people in chat "I'm not gonna join this one, cause I want it to be fair, so other can win" and then Vantazzy said "Nono, come on, you can join aswell" So I did. And out of the blue I won again! :D haha. So yea, feel free to head over to Vantazzy's stream and follow him for more games and broadcasts. He is fun to watch btw! ;3

I've btw updated the gaming list, but due to renovations there is some delay! You can find it here:

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