Saturday, 17 March 2012

[Game] LOL (League of Legends)

I haven't been blogging so much because of _THIS_ thing! (And some privateproblemes.) And I told my friend that I was "going to" make a blogpost only with pictures on what I have been up to. Well, since I haven't blog in a while I thought: "why not blog about you gaming and etc etc" or something like that so.. (I will add some music that I was listeting to while playing and I will make a movie soon too.. 

Anyway, here is League Of Legends aka LOL

Here (pic. up) u see the most I have got in XP in a game.. And may I add that yes I am sort of a noob, but I haven't played this for a very long time etc..

This is one of the songs I've been listeting to. (amaranth - amaranthe)

 An alan has been slain!
Here (Pic. up) u see I starting to get to know the Champion I am playing and starting to understand kills etc. Sadly, my deaths are bad too...

It was good since I always was playing Ashe Vs. Ashe in the game xD (my own worst enemy - robert pettersson)

 Two woman are waiting for battle. Tho I'm not sure the other person is a woman irl..

This was a very funny song! "You blocked me on facebook, Now you're going to die!" (knife party - internet friends)

Haha 1/1/12 (that was this year) haha! LOL!

U need a special taste of music to listen to this! (Celldwell - the last firstborn)


I hate full screen! 


WrestleMania theme song 2012 !

 LOL I died AND killed somebody! Haha... And my best mate in the background watching football!

 On my way!

Over and out!

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