Friday, 13 January 2012

If I got much money, I would buy: (#4)

Computer MouseRug

I carpet to my computer mouse! Haha, nice he? You can buy it at

CoasterRugs Drink Coasters

Drinking Coasters too! You can buy them at

Giant Martini Glass

Who dosen't want some extra drink? What about a giant martini glass? I so want it! You can buy it at

World's Largest Gummy Bear

Giant candy bear! No, it's not a joke! You can buy it at

World's Largest Gummy Worm

Giant candy worm. You can buy it at

Chalkboard Coffee Mug

A cop that you can write on. It would be good, because if you got many black cops you can just write the names on them! You can buy them at

Big Gummy Bears (6-pack)

One big candy. All you kids need on Saturday! You can buy it at

26-pound Party Gummy Bear

What about a little bigger bear? Let me see, what about for a party or something? You can buy it at

Edge Brownie Pan

I so want one of does!! If I turn it around it would make a big M for my name! Btw it is a brownies pan. You can buy it at

Guitar Pick Punch

Now you can make your own gitar picks. You can buy it at

The Original Buddha Board

I think this is soo cool!! The only thing you need is water! You can buy it at


Always wanted one of them. I don't know why, maybe it is the look... You can buy them at

Unzipped Glass Bag

This one was quite awsome. It's a bag IN GLASS!! I think it's soo awesome! You can buy it at

Gummy Bear Lamp

Okey, this one is the last. Candy bear lamps!!! Ofc I think it would be awesome on a kids room, not other places. You can buy it at

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  1. Brownies formen er egentlig litt genial! Vet du hvorfor den er laget? Fordi at de fleste liker kant stykkene på brownisen, og slik så er alle stykkene med kant. Man kunne også bruke den til andre kaker og lasagne tror jeg.

  2. Nice, jeg tror jeg likevel ville snudd den og latt den stå for min bokstav, haha ^^

  3. har du kjøpt noe fra ? så du vet at siden er sikker ? :)

    1. Nei har ikke det, men vet om noen som har og de hadde ikke noe problemer :)


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