Thursday, 11 November 2010

[Games] Call Of Duty Black Ops

I have always loved cod-games. Since the first time I played cod2. What I really like about this series is that it's realistic, but not too realistic. You can get shot sometimes, and then just move away and get back when you "healed". (For you guys who knows what I'm talking about.) And you don't have to run around in the game looking for things that can heal you, or keep you alive. (Not that THAT is so realistic.)

Anyway, what I really liked about this game (black ops) is that it's the story that keeps me going and... How should I put it... Well, the music is good anyway. I think it was pretty cool that they have music in the game and not only the shooting sounds. 

Well, I don't know what more to say. I haven't played it yet, because my boyfriend wants to play it and then online... So I have to wait a while... 

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