Friday, 19 November 2010

[Blog] A "little" drunk last night

Wow, a little too much drinking last night! Well, first we were at a friend of my boyfriend and then we went out to a bar in the city, and that's were everything went a litt crazy. I broke a glass and overturned some other glass. I couldn't walk and was "a little bit" gone in my head. Then my boyfriend flimed it a little, and when we were going to the taxi I felt on the grown many times, and then the police was there so i had to be "not so drunk" so they wouldn't take me. When we got one and I was sitting on the toilet I stated to cry because it wasn't any more toilet paper, and then I felt off the toilet etc.. So I feel pitty for my boyfriend, but I learned that if I don't drink more then 6 cider next time, this thing will never happen again.

The possitive things about this is that now I know that my boyfriend will be there for me if we are out drinking and something like this happen. But like I said: I'll never drink so much again.

We learning by our mistakes!

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