Thursday, 26 March 2015

[Update] Pages and categories! (26.03.2015)

Yea, I be never happy about my blog. I always things that needs to change, so here is another Update!

So, do you remember last time, when I had this update:


Well, yea, I've made some changes again. First of all, I forgot the category "Anime", second of all I've been making some "pages" so it's easier to find stuff on blog.

So the newest things will be like this:
  • Home, where you find the blog and all the posts on the blog.
  • Anime, where you find pictures, reviews, videos, all about animes.
  • Blog, where you find everything that is about this blog, updates, changes etc.
  • Cooking and baking,  where you can find recipes and pictures about food, cakes and yummies that I've made. 
  • Interior, where you can find posts about interior.
  • Games, where you find everything that has to do with games. It also includes streaming and videos from my youtube account.
  • Life, where you can find things that happen in my life, if something interesting is happening.
  • Music,  where you find all kinds of music I've posted on my blog
  • Pet, where you can find pictures, videos from youtube etc, all about my pets!
  • Photos, where you can find photos and pictures ONLY I have taken.
  • Pictures, where you can find random pictures that I want to share.
  • Update, where you can find all the updates about blog, and what's going on.
  • Videoes, where you can find all kinds of videoes I enjoys.
  • TTA, where you can find post about "Things that annoys (me)" .
  • TIW, where you find post about "Things I wonder", where I always put a question on it.
So I hope this will make it easier for both you and me! And I hope you enjoy this easiness! 

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