Thursday, 26 February 2015

[TTA] People who can't work on their own, and just walk away from it!

I am not gonna use names, or tell in detailed where this took place, but here we go:

So, imagen that you have to people who is working for you, and who are best friends. Stupid as you are, you give them one mission/task on this job, and of cause can they work together. (Becuase you are naiv, and hoping they would work better together or you would go after them yelling at them.) Sadly, they are inseparable. Everything they do, they have to do together. If one have to go to the toilet, the other one has to. If the one have to sleep, the other one has to sleep. And not only that! When they are been giving their last task/mission, they do it a little bit, and then just run off!

What kind of person are you??? How can you live with yourself, knowing that other people have to do double or all your work??  How can you be suck a ego!? How are you going to survive in the real world, when your best friend isn't at work at the same time with you?

I just want to say to does people who are like that:  FUCK OFF!

And for all of does who considering hiring them both:  DON'T!

And for does who have to work extra, or do extra work, because of does kind of people: GOOD JOB! 

Damn, I'm so annoyed and angry atm....

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