Wednesday, 19 September 2012

[Music] ImmortalHD (Alex) Feat. Brother Blake - Nobs for lyf Lyric

Yes, I am that big fan that I used 35 min of my lyf to write down the lyrics, tho I am not sure if its correct and  I mite miss some words... Sorry for that..

Nobs for lyf (x10)

what is all that fucking sound,
when i think i hear the nobs coming,
can we shout the whole plays down
i dont know about you, but im thinking about running
everybody knows who the fuck they are,
everybody acts like they dont see the scars,
but when it comes out to them,
they just thinks that they that motherfuckings hard (nobs)
[unsure the two last sentence]

just dont call dogs,
they comes to your house
they sais give us some drugs,
take them right to the movies,
and now show us some love
and peace with the homies
but respect no hugs,
and you know they roll,
deep in the star? ringing
can you know its so all over when you hear they saying

Nobs for lyf (x4)
Na,na,na,na, i can hear the shouting,  (nobs for lyf)
Na,na,na,na, and they will fuck your day up

ImmortalHD, Bitches,
if you got love, then show me
i am the coolest motherfucker, watching my little pony
and it's all for the nobs, that's my fuckin's job
go ahead and like this song, or i call the fuckings nobs

let's play motherfuckers,
all you nerds come along,
how many fuckings nephews,
come and drop this song,
i am not really sure,
i fucking lost the count,
well let us sing together while we punch this bitch down

Nobs for lyf (x4)
Na,na,na,na, i can hear the shouting (nobs for luf)
Na,na,na,na,and they will fuck your day up

Nobs for lyf
nobs for lyf
nobs for lyf
nobs for lyf

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