Sunday, 11 June 2017

What is the meaning behind your name ?

I have had a couple of people asking me about the reason or the meaning behind the name "Sachoza". And it's very simple, but here is the story:

So many years back, back to I actually was a teenager, me and my best friend was walking one summer night from my house to his house. When we also was gotten to his place we bumped into this kitty cat. It was a little kitten, around  1 year old,  and it looked like it was lost. Like I always react; "aww, It's a kitty cat. It's so cute!!" I followed my saying with "I'm gonna name it Sachoza." My friend looked stupid at me. Without saying a word we continued home to his place, with the cat following, but after a while it ran away.

Later I was looking for a new gaming name, and I always kept thinking of this one cute, sweet kitty, so I took the name.

I also was told by some Polish friends that if I added some letters it would be "sacharydy" (english: saccharides) aka sweet/sugar. And my friend thought it suits me well since many people find me sweet and kind.

So there you have it. The reason for my name Sachoza.

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