Thursday, 18 June 2015

Why is it called backspace?

You know the button on your computer which you press to remove the text you've written? It's called backspace. You know the button on your computer which you press to delete things? It's called delete button. But why?

If we go into the function of these buttons. If you press the backspace button, it will start going backwards but also delete the following text. So it's designed to delete text, right?

The delete button do delete text as well, but it will stay on the same stop and delete the text that it's in front of it. It's also very usefull, and I think it's more designed for, deleting objects that are collected. A very good example in this can be while editing something in Photoshop.

So they both have the function of deleting something, but in two different way. But why is it still named backspace? I suggested "delete backwards button" and "delete forwards button". Or "delete backspace", which maybe too would make more sense. And why not call delete button for "delete object"? Would make more sense to the people that don't know so much about the computer, or for people that is having trouble learning it.

I've not been looking this up or not even tried to figure it out. It's just something that suddenly poped into my brain. Maybe you know the answer?

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