Wednesday, 15 April 2015

[Life] Makeover-night!

We got this one store where you can buy wedding dresses, clothes and other kinds of dresses. They were having a free makeover-night and I thought "this is something I never would have gone to". For some reason, I registered myself and said I would be coming. I knew there would be speaking about clothes and makeup, which is one of the things I hate, but I needed ideas and tips to dress more girly, but also not too old. So, today I went there.

When I entered, I was a bit confused, cause it looks like Stewart's comic store in The Big Bang Theory aka very empty/few people. I also got a little shocked, cause I actually only expected dresses, not clothes, bikinis etc.

They had a competition where there were 3 people who got chosen to get a full make over, makeup, hair and borrow clothes at the store to dress better. There was this one girl which was 20 years old I felt a bit annoyed about. She was one of the 3 winners, which annoyed me. Why should a young girl get a chance for totally makeover, when there was a lot of other ladies who rather should have needed it. Who cares if she didn't use makeup normally, either do I? And she didn't even see happy about it. She was more like, she was pushing herself into a uncomfortable situation.  But, fair is fair.  So I didn't/do not let me bother with it.

Later there was a giveaway, and I was gonna pick the number from a hat. The number who won was 8, I was number 7, but like I said earlier; "Fair is fair"  so I didn't cheat, I was honest! It warms me to see the mother happy, but then again she spent like 4000 in that store that night..

Otherwise, the night was fun. I got some good tips on how to put makeup on myself without looking like a slut or a whore, And I found a very nice dress, I would enjoy, sadly it cost 2000.............
Good thingy is that the store got sizes from 36-48, sadly it cost from 500 and up...

Oh, well, it was a very enjoyable evening!

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