Sunday, 17 August 2014

[Life] I bought myself something special this weekend

Me and my boyfriend have a very open relationship when it comes to money, since we are living 90% on his money. We have it very balanced and very open to what and were he money is going.

Since my boyfriend got my "permission" to buy the big Payday2 pack on steam (since it was on sale for around 20 euros or something), I gave myself some permission to buy something that I like.

I have been talking a little with my boyfriend during this summer about taking some decoration classes (for cakes) in the evenings when I get a job and we get more income. And since we need the stuff, I thought "why not buy it on sale, for cheaper money?" + I can already starts now with the training. So I got myself a sett for helping me out with decorations! :)

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